Matt Lewis’s Top 20 Albums of 2011, Part 1

We asked all of the contributing writers here at to submit their Top 10 albums of 2011, which we then compiled into a master list, assigning points to all their choices (10 points for #1, down to 1 point for #10). After tabulating the results, we have created’s Top 20 Albums of 2011. For part one of our continuing series, here is albums #20 through 16…

Hate – Erebos

I wish Demigod from Behemoth had this type of balance mixing wise. While everything on this album sounds huge it is clear and concise unlike the previously mentioned effort from Behemoth where the vocals were huge and nothing else.

Graf Orlock – Doombox 10″ EP

Doombox, the new EP from movie grindmasters Graf Orlock is coming to remind us all of the obscure and not so obscure movies with great lines complimented by great fucking music. With a new lead vocalist that is hilarious and brings an old punk vibe to the music, Graf Orlock is bringing the grind, old school style

Baptized In Blood – s/t

The first record gave me a lot of reasons to listen to it time and again. This new record gives me reason to let it collect dust. The best songs here are from the indie release, so there’s no need to spin the new one if you own the first album, and if you don’t I suggest you track it down and buy it.