Black Breath – Heavy Breathing

By Matt Lewis

What is the best thing Entombed has done since Wolverine Blues? It’s Seattle, Washington’s Black Breath and their album Heavy Breathing. This album brings me back to the first time I heard Entombed’s classic Clandestine. The great fuzzy dirty as fuck guitar tone with punk influences and dastardly death metal grooves. This is the type of album that death metal has been missing. Like thrash had its resurgence with bands like Municipal Waste and Toxic Holocaust taking the old and making it fresh again, Black Breath has taken the old and infused their music with vengeance and style. It does not apologize for its influences and puts it in your face and dares you not to like it. Yet with all this talk of old bands Black Breath has its own style beneath it all. The lingering sounds of new breed hardcore, i.e. Trap Them, are in there yet it just never really bubbles to the surface. This gives it a ghostly complex of styles that Black Breath makes all their own.

(Southern Lord)

Rating: 9

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