HELLBOUND RADIO: November 21st, 2010 playlist

This edition of Hellbound Radio saw the return of former co-host, Hellbound.ca contributor and Dying Fetus’ biggest (in more ways than one) fan, Matt Lewis, or, as we like to call him, “Hugo”. He was pimping a fest he’s putting on here in Hamilton called Afterburner Fest and we can only hope that the response come the night of the show is more enthusiastic than the response we had in trying to give away tickets. Otherwise, it was a jolly reunion of sorts that included more on-air chatter than usual, hence the seemingly limited playlist. That, and we lost the half-hour of the list because Sean was too busy not being harassed by Jay Gorania on Facebook.

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Your hosts are Albert Mansour, Sean Palmerston and Kevin Stewart-Panko

CRUMBSUCKERS – I Am He (Beast on My Back, 1988)
SODOM-Knarrenheinz (In War and Pieces, 2010)
CRADLE OF FILTH-Lilith Immaculate (Darkly, Darkly Venus Aversa, 2010)
SHAI HULUD-Misanthropy Pure (Misanthropy Pure, 2008)
ATHEIST-Second to Sun (Jupiter, 2010)
ATHEIST-Fraudulent Cloth (Jupiter, 2010)
NAILS-I Will Not Follow (Unsilent Death, 2010)
TRAGEDY-Eyes of Madness (Nerve Damage, 2006)
A ARSONIST-Tyranny (Self-released, 2010)*
THE SWORD-Tres Brujas (Warp Riders, 2010)
FORBIDDEN-Forsaken at the Gates (Omega Wave, 2010)
INNER VENOM-Fight (IV, 2010)*
AGALLOCH-Into the painted Grey (Marrow of the Spirit, 2010)
SPELLCASTER-Chainsaw Champion (Spells of Speed, 2010)
CELTIC FROST-The Usurper (To Mega Therion, 1985)
DROWNINGMAN-The More I Get to Know You the Less I Like You (Still Loves You, 2001)
SKELETONWITCH-Longing for Domination (Breathing the Fire, 2009)
EVILE-Infected Nations (Infected Nations – re-issue, 2010)
WEAPON-Furor Divinus (From the Devil’s Tomb, 2010)*
DIVINITY-Transformation (The Singularity, 2010)*
OCEANO-Regulated Disposal of Life (Contagion, 2010)
KYLESA-Don’t Look Back (Spiral Shadow, 2010)
THE SECRET – Pleasure of Self Destruction (Solve et Coagula, 2010)
We played more songs after this too, but fucking Sean forgot to write them down. Sorry!
* = Canadian content

Sean is the founder/publisher of Hellbound.ca; he has also written about metal for Exclaim!, Metal Maniacs, Roadburn, Unrestrained! and Vice.