Dying Fetus – Infatuation With Malevolence (reissue)

By Matt Lewis

In honour and celebration of the legendary death metal band Dying Fetus’ 20 year anniversary, Relapse has decided to reissue their first four albums. The first reissue is Infatuation with Malevolence, done in a digipak form. The album includes the original material from Infatuation and their Bathe in Entrails demo. Also included are various demos and live tracks from other albums. Relapse has also remastered the album and it sounds phenomenal compared to the original. The instruments are crystal clear and the drums and bass have more weight to them, giving the music more depth.

The packaging is simple, it is a two fold digipak with a biography written by original bassist/vocalist Jason Netherton. It also has various pictures and show flyers on the other side of the fold. It also has new album art which looks great. While the packaging is not as impressive as I would have liked for a reissue like this, the remastered music more than makes up for it.

(Relapse Records)

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