Graf Orlock – Doombox 10″ EP

By Matt Lewis

Doombox, the new EP from movie grindmasters Graf Orlock is coming to remind us all of the obscure and not so obscure movies with great lines complimented by great fucking music. With a new lead vocalist that is hilarious and brings an old punk vibe to the music, Graf Orlock is bringing the grind, old school style. While the new EP is only 6 songs, it delivers.  Having great pacing with speed and aggression it is not always balls to the wall. Graf Orlock is keeping it real, real grind.  I might be uninformed, but as far as I know there’s no cover of a theme song from a movie this time around which is something I loved on the last couple of releases.  The doombox itself looks great – like an big old cassette stereo ghettoblaster from the 80’s.  If you like grind and movies then this band is for you.
[It’s also worth noting that the new Doombox EP is a 10″ vinyl release and it comes packaged with a CD that has their last three trilogy records on it (42 songs total). – Da Ed]

(Vitriol Recordings)

The Doombox EP will be released on 18 January 2011

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