Gruesome Greg

Saturday nite in Montreal–my liver is doomed!

Multiple choice question: What shouldn’t you do at the onset of a cold?

A) Walk around outside in sub-zero temperatures
B) Drink half your age in beers
C) Stay out late past 3 am
D) All of the above

If you answered D, you’ll have how I spent last Saturday nite in Montreal.

Sons of Tonatiuh – s/t

Take the buzzsaw riffage of more recent Darkthrone and the piss ‘n malt liquor of Eyehategod, with some decidedly pissed off black metal vocals, and change tempos frequently. You’ve got yourself a solid eight-song, 35 minute debut.

Razor still cuts deep!

Anvil mighta been Canada’s first thrash band, but Razor’s perhaps our most caustic. After all these years, Razor still cuts deep. And it goes without saying that I’m looking forward to their gig next Friday at El Mocambo, a venue quite dear to my heart…

Double Down gets two greasy thumbs up…

Anyone remember the last time a burger had an official release date? Well, when KFC announced that it was bringing the wildly successful bun-less Double Down sandwich to Canada, they gave it one: October 18th.
Being the connoisseur of greasy chicken products that I am, I was determined to Double Down on its opening weekend.