Gruesome Greg

My contribution to Motorhead Month…

It might not have been the first-ever split, but in 1981, Motorhead teamed up with labelmates Girlschool for the St. Valentines Day Massacre EP. The former were the kings of fledgling NWOBHM label Bronze Records, having just put out Ace of Spades, while the latter was making waves as the first all-girl metal band after the release of their debut, Demolition. The early February release suited the album title perfectly, and the cover photo lives on in metal lore.

Back from the brink–and back on the air!

Although I took to the airwaves last weekend facing the very real possibility that I could be doing so for the last time, I did so also knowing that CKLN was planning to request a stay of the CRTC’s decision, pending our request to the federal court of appeals to hear the case.
Alas, twas well after 4 pm yesterday when I finally got the news. Request granted. We’re on the air–but not in the clear, by any stretch.

Iron Man – The Passage

After reissuing their debut album Black Night, Shadow Kingdom now brings us a new pressing of The Passage, the stellar sophomore album from Maryland doomsters Iron Man. Album number two was a huge step forward for the trad doom outfit, as it saw the welcoming of new singer Dan Michalak into the fold, along with future Spirit Caravan/Pentagram drummer Gary Isom.

The end of an era?

It’s been a week since I first heard the news–after 28 years on the air, mostly without incident, the CRTC revoked CKLN’s broadcasting licence effective February 12th, end of broadcast day. Having been a part of the station since 2005, this news did not sit well with me. Hell, it still doesn’t. If the ruling is upheld, I’d officially be the first DJ to go off the air.

Macabre – Grim Scary Tales

Anyways, if you’re one of those weirdos like me who worship Macabre, you’ll want this one. Although the production is a lot better and the sound slightly more modern, there are enough shades of Sinister Slaughter on Grim Scary Tales that oughtta make solid additions to their live set next time they’re in our vicinity.