Dukatalon – Saved by Fear

By Gruesome Greg

A band from Israel that sounds like Eyehategod!? Okay Relapse, you’ve piqued my curiosity…

The comparison isn’t entirely accurate, though. You just can’t fake a NOLA-fried southern groove, though Dukatalon comes convincingly close at times, like with the recurring breakdown in a tune called “Run.”

For the most part, this band of Israelis plays cosmic space sludge a la The Atlas Moth or Zoroaster with atmospheric black metal vocals. Not that I’m complaining. There are some great riffs on here that wouldn’t sound outta place on the new Zoroaster, if not a little bit better.

The title track is a bit of a head-scratcher though, a mellow, classical guitar number that only lasts a coupla minutes. You’d never find it on an EHG record, that’s for sure! Followup “Electric Site,” on the other hand, you just might. (It’s kinda long to be an Eyehategod song, more like Sleep territory, but I digress.)




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