Black Sleep of Kali – Our Slow Decay

By Gruesome Greg

If you’re into Torche, Baroness, Harvey Milk or the Melvins—especially their most recent output—then Black Sleep of Kali is your new band. BsoK takes elements from all the above in their accessible, progressive take on sludge metal.

“Eulogy” has a drum solo reminiscent of the dual-drum work of modern-day Melvins, albeit with just one man pounding the skins. “The Great Destroyer” is an epic journey where crunchy sludge riffs abound. The album is mostly slow-to-mid-paced, with second track “The Crow and the Snake” being the only real fast-paced number.

The Melvins seem like the biggest influence from the drum work to the (occasional) vocal harmonies to even some of the phrasing and guitar playing. But far from being ripoffs, Black Sleep of Kali carves out its own niche with this impressive debut. Two bongs up!

(Small Stone Recordings)

Rating: 8.5

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