Sons of Tonatiuh – s/t

By Gruesome Greg

Georgia’s been pumping out a lotta sludge bands lately. From the cosmic doom waves of Zoroaster to the stripped-down sonic heft of Harvey Milk to the blackened crust of Let the Night Roar—not to mention contemporaries like Kylesa and Baroness who stick their hands in the sludgy jar every now and then. Meet the newest arrival on the scene: Atlanta’s Sons of Tonatiuh.

Of the aforementioned, SOT most closely resembles LTTR, particularly on the latter’s Volume 2 EP. Take the buzzsaw riffage of more recent
Darkthrone and the piss ‘n malt liquor of Eyehategod, with some decidedly pissed off black metal vocals, and change tempos frequently. You’ve got yourself a solid eight-song, 35 minute debut.


Rating: 7.5

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