Gruesome Greg

Ironweed – Your World of Tomorrow

I’m not a big fan of bands with overt drug references in their names. I mean, Weedeater is pure genius, Bongzilla’s not bad, but it’s all downhill from there. That being said, Ironweed somehow works, taking one of the most over-used words in (dorky) metal, and adding weed. You know what they say… Just add weed, right?

Winter – Into Darkness

I can see how this would’ve blown some minds back in 1990, but it really hasn’t aged all that well. Other bands have since taken the torch and left Winter sputtering behind with this lo-fi, depressing slog of an album that has more in common with the “gothic doom” of My Dying Bride than the true masters of the genre.

This Is The End, My Friends…

April 15, 2011 was the day the music died. At 6:45 pm, without any warning, CKLN 88.1 fm was taken off the air, ending 28 years of community radio programming–five and a half for yours truly.
I should mention that the station continues to broadcast online, and will do so for the foreseeable future (which might not be too long). And while I’m pretty convinced that I’ll be walking away, I’ve got some unfinished business to attend to first. Tonite is the 100th episode of Smokin’ Green, est. 2008, RIP 2011.

Lo-Pan – Salvador

I actually quite liked their debut, but this one isn’t grabbing me in the same way. Songs seem shorter, and they’ve definitely dialled down the heavy, opting for a slightly less distorted desert rock/grunge sound.