Gruesome Greg

Tonite’s your only chance to buy Blood Ceremony’s new album…

Fortunately, we won’t hafta wait as long this time around, since the band will be releasing its second opus tonite at The Garrison before heading off on a European tour with their ghastly label mates. Support comes from Blizaro–a psychedelic side-project of Rochester doom titans Orodruin–who’ve had their name misspelled on many a gig listing, including the venue’s.

Cleveland, Ohio–my home away from home

Don’t get me wrong, there are parts of Cleveland where I’d be dead if I set foot in. I’m told that the local nickname for East Cleveland is “Mad Max,” which says it all, really. But when you’re busing it into town with the sole purpose of seeing a metal gig, it’s the best place I can think of within a seven-hour drive.

Ghost – Opus Eponymous

If you consider Opus Eponymous to be a pop album, you probably think Yes and Genesis are pop bands, too. Erm, wait a minnit. Well, I can’t say I see Ghost going down that route, anyways. After all, it won’t be the 80’s for another 69 years…

Electric Wizard – Black Masses

Anyways, if you’re expecting Dopethrone II, look elsewhere, as the band has definitely moved on. (C’mon man, it’s been 11 years now…) The psychedelic sounds that pervaded their last couple efforts are clearly at work here, and this is apparent from the get-go.

Snail – Blood

Snail isn’t your typical tune-in-and-drop-out stoner band. There’s something more interesting in this collection of tunes, something in that juxtaposition of the sweet vocals and heavy riffs that has my head nodding in approval.

Demontage – The Principal Extinction

I gotta say, the first black metal album I ever bought was Venom’s Black Metal, and I haven’t purchased many others since. Alas, to call Toronto trio Demontage a black metal band would be applying the word in its traditional sense, the way it was once used to describe Venom and Mercyful Fate.