Back from the brink–and back on the air!

Although I took to the airwaves last weekend facing the very real possibility that I could be doing so for the last time, I did so also knowing that CKLN was planning to request a stay of the CRTC’s decision, pending our request to the federal court of appeals to hear the case.  As far as I was concerned, they logically had to grant our request.  (Of course, one could argue that they defied logic by opting for an unprecedented mid-term revocation, but I digress…)

I knew that we were filing the appeal on Tuesday, and that we’d hear back from them on Wednesday or Thursday, but Wednesday came and went and we heard nothing.  Same deal on Thursday, though the word then became Friday, end of business day.  Geez, talk about leaving it to the last minute!

Alas, twas well after 4 pm when I finally got the news.  Request granted.  We’re on the air–but not in the clear, by any stretch.  The Court of Appeals probably won’t process our appeal till April at the earliest, which gives us a couple months of programming to look forward to, including the 100th episode of Smokin’ Green, which would coincide with its three-year anniversary on April 16th.  Will hafta try to find a guest or two for that one…

In the meantime, well, I’ve been looking forward to the new Crowbar album, Sever the Wicked Hand, for quite some time, and it does not disappoint.  I’ll be spinning a coupla tunes offa it tonite, along with a few tracks from some of their NOLA sludge brethren (Haarp, Suplecs, Eyehategod), some brand new Electric Wizard, and some Cathedral, who’ve decided to call it a day–but will probably grace us with a quadruple album first, sometime in 2012.  Here’s hoping they squeeze in a couple more North American dates before MDF–even if they pull a Manowar and charge 75 bucks for ’em, I’d be willing to dish out for a ticket.  (Not for Manowar, though, not even in Cleveland…)

Be sure to tune in to the newly-revived Smokin’ Green tonite from 1 till 3 am at 88.1 fm on yer radio, channel 947 on yer TV or on yer computer.  Playlist and podcast posted over here afterwards.



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