Wildlights – Self-Titled

Wildlights, a North Carolina heavy-rock duo, is composed 50% of ASG.  While I’m unfamiliar with Thunderlips, the other outfit in the equation, the outstanding…

Valkyrie – Shadows

Been a while since we’ve heard from these Virginia doomsters—split 7” with Earthling aside, they haven’t released a record since 2008.  And yet, their…

Dwellers – Pagan Fruit

If we’re judging an album by its cover, the sophomore effort from this Utah-based trio, Dwellers, sure looks like a Baroness album. Hey, as…

Pallbearer - Sorrow and Extinction cover art

Best of the Best – A Tally of the Year’s Best Albums

I’m not sure exactly what this list means – is this list any better than any of the individual lists? Probably not. Every list that comes out has their own personality, has albums that may be less obvious. But perhaps what this list does show is what the collective metal media thought was the “can’t miss” albums this year.