Small Stone

This Small Stone showcase is tonite! (It’s also in Boston…)

You gotta give it up for Small Stone, one of the few labels out there still specializing in stoner rock on these shores. Tonite, some of their finest wares are on display at the Radio club in Somerville, MA, with names like Gozu, Lo-Pan, Roadsaw and Freedom Hawk on the bill. Mind you, a last-minute flight from Toronto to Boston will set ya back about $620…

Back on the air — on the web, that is!

When CKLN went off the air, I had it in the back of my mind that I’d be willing to get back into online radio at some point. However, it had to be under the right set of circumstances. I was looking for a station that specialized in stoner/sludge/doom with an open timeslot before most people went to bed. Fortunately, I found it. The first episode of Gruesome Tunes airs tomorrow at 6 pm!

Dixie Witch – Let It Roll

For the most part, Dixie Witch straddles the line between southern and stadium rock, and while this album mostly hits the mark, there isn’t that much separating one song from the next. That said, Let It Roll doesn’t drag, at 36 minutes long, so you get your fill before it becomes too much to handle.

Lo-Pan – Sasquanaut

A heavy foursome from a college town (Columbus, OH) named after a character from a Kurt Russell movie (Big Trouble in Little China), Lo-Pan had been going on five years before they caught the ear of Small Stone Records, who have remastered and re-issued the band’s debut album.