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Copenhagen, Denmark’s CHAOTIAN recently came through Toronto as part of their first Canadian tour, and absolutely laid waste to a full house of death metal aficianados.  Hellbound’s Danielle Griscti (hi!) was there and, keen to learn more about these fresh purveyors of fine riffs, reached out via email to pick their brains.

Suppuration of Obsolescence“Suppuration of Obsolescence Tour 2023” Flyer art by https://www.instagram.com/skadvaldur/

Hellbound (HB) : Thank you once again for the incredible set at the Baby G in Toronto!!

Chaotian (CH) : You’re very welcome, and glad you liked it!

HB : You recently completed a 5-stop Canadian tour with your labelmates (on Me Saco un Ojo) SEDIMENTUM, who are from Quebec City.  What made you decide to tour with them?

CH : Sedimentum are a well-respected band that we remember since their first demo release from 2019.  It came out strong, and was naturally something we were drawn to as a ‘demo band’ at that point too.  I had friends in Toronto that somewhat knew the Sedimentum guys, and they suggested that we got in touch with them.  So we did! They’re all good, hard working guys, so it seemed like a very natural and exciting plan to tour with a good band of, well, good guys.

HB : On that note, it’s typical for bands to want to tour Europe, so Sedimentum could have come to you – what made you make the trip to Quebec and Ontario instead?

CH : Just as it’s typical for NA bands to tour Europe, it’s typical for EU bands to tour North America.  Since US has very strict (and downright stupid) laws on touring bands/musicians, Canada seemed like a safe bet.  Since we knew that the underground scene in Quebec and Ontario was strong, we decided it would not just be a fun trip, but also a good opportunity.  But Chaotian really just wants the good experiences, money are not at all a main priority.

HB : Which one was your favourite stop out of those 5 dates?

CH : Tough one, as each show was pretty exciting and good to us.  I think, due to me (Søren) having a good bunch of friends in Toronto, and the Toronto gig turning out so well, I believe that was my favorite.  But quite literally every gig was special, even the 30 people in Sherbrooke were real ones that made it a party at Le Murdoch.

HB : Which of the local supporting acts really stood out for you and what did you most like about them?

CH : Again, many legitimately good ones.  I will say that I felt like Chalice of Vomit, Maxxpower and Nächtlich were standouts.  Very strong and memorable performances.

HB : What do you think about Canada now that you’re finished the tour?

CH : Very nice country with very nice people.  I think all in Chaotian are very happy we started out with our first overseas tour in Canada, especially since we didn’t come home destitute!

HB : Anything you learned on the road or between stops with your awesome road crew?

CH : We learnt that roadside Chinese in rural Quebec is really not worth it.  We also learnt that Ben is a super adult guy.

HB : Effigies of Obsolescence, your first full-length, came out less than a year ago in June 2022.  What are you enjoying most about these tracks now that it’s been out for a while?

CH : Probably that we managed to actually being able to record it and perform it live, haha.  It was a tough journey in the midst of Covid with the recording.  We learnt much of what could be improved, what we should keep and what the future of Chaotian could look like.

HB : Most people have a defining moment in their lives that turns them on to metal as a genre – could be a certain riff you heard, seeing a cover artwork, or a film – what was that moment for you?

CH : I would say that hearing Black Sabbath by Black Sabbath as a young kid was massive.  I remember my dad played it for me, and Ozzy’s wailing vocals scared me but it also made me want to hear more.  Iommi’s riffage is and was unstoppable.  For death metal specifically, I think really understanding how beautifully chaotic, and – ironically – grotesque a band like Immolation could sound made me fall in love with this type of music.

HB : What are the some of the bands you really admire that you’d like to share a stage with?

CH : I would love to share the stage with so many classics, but I adore Immolation – they would have to be mentioned.  I think it would be a blast to share the stage with Possessed too considering their history, and the love Jeff has shown our debut album.  Much respect to that guy for keeping it real since day one of death metal.

HB : Where do you want to bring the crushing riffs of CHAOTIAN in the future?

CH : Everywhere.  The slums of South Africa or Brazil to Asakusa Japan and Sydney.  We want to experience everything, and spread the carcinogenic taint wherever.

HB : Anything else you’d like to share with our readers at Hellbound?

CH : Stay sick, never get well and listen to Deiquisitor!!!

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