This Small Stone showcase is tonite! (It’s also in Boston…)

You gotta give it up for Small Stone, one of the few labels out there still specializing in stoner rock on these shores.  Tonite, some of their finest wares are on display at the Radio club in Somerville, MA, with names like Gozu, Lo-Pan, Roadsaw and Freedom Hawk on the bill.  Word has it The Brought Low had to drop off due to Hurricane Sandy (which also flooded my kitchen, so I can sorta relate), but that’s still eight bands for a mere 10 bucks!  Mind you, a last-minute flight from Toronto to Boston will set ya back about $620…

But if those travel costs are too high, the label is hosting a slightly smaller extravaganza just beyond the border on the first of next month.  Detroit Rock City will play host to a handful of Small Stone artists on December 1st, most notably Sasquatch, who’ll be coming all the way from L.A. for the occasion.  I’m told that the venue is in a decent part of Detroit, which is kinda like saying she’s pretty attractive for a (heavily-armed) crackwhore, but hey, at least you’ll have Warren Evans, Chief of Police to protect you.

(Wait, he resigned a couple years back!?  Oh sheeeeet!)

Halfway To Gone, Five Horse Johnson, Sasquatch, Freedom Hawk, Luder @ Magic Stick, 4140 Woodworth Ave, Detroit, MI, Saturday, December 1st.  Doors @ 7, $10.



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