Dixie Witch – Let It Roll

By Gruesome Greg

With the title track leading off the album, I was kinda hoping for a BTO cover—hey, Acid King does a mean “Not Fragile,” after all—but alas, twas not to be.

While there might not be any Bachman-Turner on here, there’s no doubt that warm classic rock tones pervade tunes like “Boogie Man” and “Red Song.” Of the other numbers, “The High Deal” recalls early Collective Soul (“Spit It Out”), albeit with a heavier chorus, while “Sevens” has a big arena-rock, power-ballad, raise-yer-fist-and-yell attack and “Anthem” sounds a lot like The Obsessed, circa Lunar Womb.

For the most part, Dixie Witch straddles the line between southern and stadium rock, and while this album mostly hits the mark, there isn’t that much separating one song from the next. That said, Let It Roll doesn’t drag, at 36 minutes long, so you get your fill before it becomes too much to handle.

(Small Stone)

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