Indian – Guiltless

By Gruesome Greg

Chicagoan sludgemeisters Indian waste no time in pummeling you with their punishing album-opener “No Grace,” which starts off with a hard right to the head before delivering some slow, heavy-handed body blows. “The Fate Before Fate” is an angry burst of blackened sludge with pissed-off, blood-curdling screams immediately announcing their presence.

The title track is real, real slow, almost approaching drone territory with a vocal that sounds like Mike Scheidt on some bad bathtub crank. Not for the feint of heart or people who think happy thoughts. “The End of Truth” offers some thing a bit different with some electronic noises, but still follows the same plan of attack. The only respite comes in the form of “Supplicants,” a brief instrumental interlude that lasts no more than a coupla minutes.

Not a whole lotta variety nor too many time changes to be found here. These guys play slow, dirty swamp metal, buried deep under several layers of distortion. Much better suited for the bleakest, darkest days of winter than an early spring release.

(Relapse Records)

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