Adam Wills

Pallbearer - Sorrow and Extinction cover art

Best of the Best – A Tally of the Year’s Best Albums

I’m not sure exactly what this list means – is this list any better than any of the individual lists? Probably not. Every list that comes out has their own personality, has albums that may be less obvious. But perhaps what this list does show is what the collective metal media thought was the “can’t miss” albums this year.

It’s Kvlt to Eat Your Vegetables: Vegan Black Metal Chef’s Pad Thai

“I like my metal and I like my vegan food, so I couldn’t help but be delighted when earlier this year Vegan Black Metal Chef videos started circulating via Twitter and other social media: black metal aesthetics and meat, dairy, and egg-free cooking in a delightfully over-the-top combination.”

Laura Wiebe, Mark Coatsworth and Adam Wills made the Vegan Black Metal Chef’s Pad Thai. Photos by Adam Wills

HeavyMetalAdam Invades Heavy TO: The Homecoming

This weekend marks the first instalment of Heavy TO, Toronto’s spinoff of the previously visited Heavy MTL. Having attending the previous event in Montreal, I decided to stay a bit closer to home and catch the inaugural event here in Ontario. As I have done at the previous festivals, I’ll be live blogging throughout the weekend. Keep up, as this will be updated all weekend!