Wildlights – Self-Titled


Wildlights, a North Carolina heavy-rock duo, is composed 50% of ASG.  While I’m unfamiliar with Thunderlips, the other outfit in the equation, the outstanding recent output of the former was compelling enough for me to check this out. You can definitely hear the ASG influence here, while Torche would be another strong comparison point. That being said, I’m a bit biased against bassless bands, and the lack of low end here hinders my enjoyment somewhat.

“Part of the Sea” has a solid stoner riff that recalls some of the Georgia-style stuff (i.e. Kylesa, Baroness) with high-pitched, melodic vocals soaring over top. Despite its menacing moniker, “Hellfire Forever” is actually quite a mellow, pleasant number, sounding more like something off Baroness’ Yellow and Green records. “Onward Upward” picks up the pace with its Torche-like attack (think Meanderthal), before “New Year Repeat” offers some of the tastiest riffs on this record, with its heavy grooves serving in stark contrast to the syrupy-sweet vocals.

At the end of the day, I’d still rather listen to Torche or ASG, but hey, this is a pretty decent facsimile.

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