HELLBOUND RADIO: January 31, 2010 Playlist

Here is the playlist for our most recent show. We were joined in studio by sometime contributor and longtime friend of the show Jay Siebert, who made the trek in to hang out with Albert, Kevin and I. We had a lot of fun doing this show and played a pretty wide variety of music.

Heading down to Cleveland to see Pentagram on Thursday… My DOOM awaits!

A couple years ago, I saw Blue Cheer at Sneaky Dee’s, in what turned out to be Dickie Peterson’s last performance in Toronto. (May he rest in peace.) Few musicians worshiped Blue Cheer as much as Bobby Liebling, the Pentagram singer who turns 60 this summer. In what could be another “last chance” gig, I’ve made the decision to catch Liebling and company on their January tour as it stops within driving distance of The Big Smoke next weekend.

What’s in a band name, anyways?

Toronto hard rockers Ape have made it their New Year’s Resolution to go after A Primitive Evolution, a local band that goes by the acronym A.P.E. Presumably, they don’t have the cash to pull a Satriani and serve them at their next public performance. So they’ve decided to post on every message board they can think of — and maybe tear down a concert poster or two.

Reminder: Year End Contest Ends Tonight!

Just a little reminder to anyone that hasn’t voted that today (Friday, January 15th) is your LAST CHANCE to enter our bitchin’ year end contest. You have until midnight Eastern Standard Time tonight to win our fantastic prize, which has now grown to 50 CDs (many of them autographed), two (2) 7″s, two (2) shirts, three (3) autographed posters, a dog tag and a few more goodies too.

The last all-ages punk show at the Kathedral…

…that I’ll ever attend took place last nite, when the Dayglo Abortions made their annual January cross-country trip to the Queen Street venue. That’s no knock on The Matadors or Oi Polloi; between my work and radio commitments, twas the gig that best fit onto my calendar.

World Junior Hockey Final tonight – CANADA or USA To Win?

Now I am not usually a betting man, but tonight I am making an exception. My pal Eli Shaika over at Relapse Records dropped me an email this afternoon, asking me if I would be willing to have a friendly wager on tonight’s game. Now Mr. Shaika is a man who knows his hockey. He is a diehard Philadelpha Flyers fan (much like our own Rob Kachluba is) and gets the game, something I can’t always say for most American sports fans. So when he asked me if I’d be into a bet, how could I refuse?

CONTEST: Blast Into 2010! Huge 40 CD+ Giveaway!

Let’s get 2010 underway with a bang! What better way to get your year off to a good start than with a contest. To help celebrate the end of 2009 and the beginning of both a new year and a new decade, we’ve asked some of our favourite labels to help us welcome 2010 and what a bang it is!


Since is a Canadian-owned and operated metal publication, we thought we’d do things a little differently than most. As 2009 quickly is coming to a close, we asked all of our contributors to pick their Top 5 Canadian metal albums of the year. We then tabulated up their responses and have created our first annual Top 10 Canadian Metal Albums of 2009 writers poll.