Chelsea Grin & more in Toronto

The Opera House November 17th 2019

This is one of the shows I’ve been the most excited for this year. Such a stacked line up, with Left Behind opening up for Traitor followed by SPITEThe Acacia Strain, and headlined by Salt Lake City’s own Chelsea Grin.

I had been waiting for Left Behind to come to Toronto for a while now. They’re a stoner metalcore band from Virginia. They opened up the show with some songs from their new album No One Goes To Heaven, along with some old ones like “Tough Love” from the album Blessed by the Burn. Slow heavy breakdowns had the crowd fired up for the rest of the night. 

Left Behind –

Traitor switched it up with some German thrash metal, huge bass drops and face melting guitar riffs. They came in high fashion with singer Tyler Shelton sporting a full Dale Earnhardt jacket and shirt, and a mystery guitarist in a balaclava. I never heard of these guys before seeing them, but they turned out to be the highlight of my night. 

Traitor –

I was really excited to see SPITE as well. The deathcore band from Michigan kept the crowd moshing with fast relentless songs from their latest album, The Root of All Evil


The Acacia Strain came with their classic style and what must have been two cases of water soaking the crowd and myself. They motivated the crowd to be who they want to be and encouraged everyone to make friends with one another. 

The Acacia Strain –

Chelsea Grin killed it like always. I haven’t seen them in a setting like this but the show was great. The band’s fast energy and gritty deathcore tunes went well with the wicked light show and had the crowd throwing down in the centre of the Opera House. Midway through the show singer Alex Koehler threw a bag of balloons into the crowd with two golden tickets for their merch table.

Chelsea Grin –

This show did not disappoint. Each band brought a great vibe and different element of metal to the show. All and all it was a great time for everyone including myself.

Toronto photographer, wanna be drummer and a metalhead.

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