Accelerator Tour in LA, 2019

November 9, 2019 at The Belasco Theater, Los Ángeles CA

Awake at Last, the dark pop, hard rock, post hardcore band from Dover, Delaware, formed in 2011. This amazing band consist of four talented members. Vocalist Vincent Torres, guitarists Eric Blackway and Imran Xhelili, and drummer Jon Finney. This band is worth listening to, and seeing them perform is even better. They kept their energy up the entire time they were on stage, and made sure to always stay interactive with the crowd. To have a band with fans is all a band can ask for. These guys have a lot to look forward to for their career. If you haven’t heard of Awake at Last, now you have.

Light the Torch, a metalcore band, from Los Ángeles California, formed in 2012. This band was originally known as Devil You Know, however they found a name that definitely suits them. This band consist of members, vocalist Howard Jones guitarist Francesco Artusato, bassist and backing vocals Ryan Wombacher, and drummer Mike Sciulara. These guys are entertaining to watch live. I recommend listening to these guys if you want to rock out. They have a great fan base, so you know they’ll be around for years to come.

Fit for a King, a metalcore band from Dallas Texas, formed in 2007. Vocalist Ryan Kirby, Guitarist backing vocals Daniel Gailey, bassist backing vocals Ryan O’Leary, drummer Jared Easterling. If you want to rock out while the band members, jump, run, and nonstop move while on stage, listen and go see Fit for a King. Bassist Ryan made it hard to look at other members. He swung his bass around, jumped from his platform and just overall made it look like the time of his life. Daniel guitarist was equally as energetic and interacted with the crowd every way possible. Vocalist Ryan, if you want someone who loves what he does, this is your guy. This group is amazing to see, so if you can, go see them.

Ice Nine Kills, another Amazing Metalcore band from Boston Massachusetts, formed in 2002. They started off as a Christian group, but made their way into the horror scene. Vocalist Spencer Chamas, lead guitarist and backing vocals Dan Sugarman, rhythm guitarist and co lead vocals Ricky Armellino, bassist and backing vocals Joe Occhiuti and drummer Patrick Galante. The idea of taking horror movies, then making songs about them, sounds crazy, but Ice Nine Kills did just that and more. You get Freddy, Jason, Pennywise, even Jaws, and many more Evil Sadistic Monsters on Stage. It’s like a theatrical performance but also a heavy metal concert.

This band has gone above and beyond to give an unforgettable performance. Some people crowd surf, but Spencer takes the extra step (pun intended) and crowd walks. The song that Spencer crowd walked To was called “Communication of the Cursed” this band has such a great fan base of horror Fanatics and music lovers, that for the Accelerator Tour at this venue was completely sold out. INK continues to show how to put on a phenomenal performance. Ending the night with “It Is The End”, they brought not Just Georgy but better yet the mouse himself, Mickey and Pennywise to face his worst fears and see if he could float too. This show was more than expected and I can’t wait for many more to come.