Earthless Meets Heavy Blanket – In a Dutch Haze


Kick out the jaaaaams, man!  When Earthless axeslinger Isaiah Mitchell suffered a bizarre gardening accident shortly before Roadburn 2012, the band drafted not one but two guitarists to replace him for the occasion.  Enter J. Mascis and Graham Clise, both of Witch, although you probably know the former from Dinosaur Jr.  Let’s just say he doesn’t play drums at this gig… which, like so many other Roadburn performances, was recorded for posterity.

Instead, we get an hour-long, dual-guitar jam session that lives up to its name, “Paradise in a Purple Sky.”  This number starts off slowly, as most spontaneous jam-pieces are known to do, but the amalgamated group soon finds its groove, guitars wailing away in stereo over a steady rhythm section.  When it comes to jam-bands, Eginton and Rubalcaba are just about the best in the business nowadays, and when you add two axes well-versed in the psychedelic style, you really can’t go wrong…

Man, after listening to this, I kinda really wanna see that one-off gig they’re playing in Boston in a couple months.  Hey, I heard the headlining band’s not bad, either. 😉

(Outer Battery Records / Roadburn Records)

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