Crowned by Fire contest – Space Music for Cave People

While we were distracted by Canada Day celebrations up here in the hinterlands, a snarling beast from Los Angeles launched its latest global invasion campaign. That beast is called Crowned by Fire, the invasion campaign goes by the name Space Music for Cave People, and you can be among the next wave to succumb by winning yourself a copy of the band’s brand new CD!

To enter, just post a comment below telling us the name of your favourite movie about space, music, or cave people (or all of the above). We’ll choose two random winners on August 5.

In the meantime, check out the new Crowned by Fire video for the record’s title track:

Crowned by Fire:

Hard rock/metal from Los Angeles, California, “relentlessly rocking American audiences since early 2006.”

John Fitterer (vocals)
Justin Neil Manning (guitar)
Chris Breedlove on (bass)
Rocco Paolone (drums)

The video:

Shot by  Matt “The Lord” Zane.

“‘Space Music For Cave People’ is a 2 fisted salute to what CBF stands for, keeping the music grounded and pure!! Like our forefathers Black Sabbath, Motorhead, AC/DC etc.., We are Crowned By Fire, and we play Rock’n’Roll!! Somehow this story spewed out of me under the influence of Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. I always dug the dawn of man intro scene, the secrets of the black monolith and the extraterrestrial eye monitoring the existence of man’s life, purpose and function on earth and beyond…” – John Fitterer

The EP:crowned-by-fire-smfcp-cover

Opening track “Buried Away” features Prong’s Tommy Victor.

Artwork by Sam Shearon (Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson, KISS, Iron Maiden).

Recorded at Zakk Wylde’s in-home studio, The Black Vatican as well as Sound Mountain Studio and Mission Black Studios.

“There were 2 actual surreal moments I experienced while recording at the Black Vatican. One
was hanging in Vatican kitchen with Tommy Victor and drinking Valhalla Java Coffee while writing
down a verse of my lyrics to our song ‘Buried Away’ for Tommy to sing on, then watching him
perform the part while Zakk frequented the room with words of sarcastic encouragment. The
next was a complete Spinal Tap moment as I walked into the Vatican to lay down vocal tracks
with Adam Klumpp and find Zakk throwing down about 10 takes of the lead guitar on the song
‘Space Music For Cave People.’ He was schooling Justin on playing a blues lead over the tune.
Fucked up thing, both mine and Justin’s iPhones were frozen in limbo uploading new IOS
software (in a cell phone dead zone) in the hills of the infamous BLS compound, so none of this
was documented at all, and worse yet, no thumbs up to use the boss’s lead on the album, ha!!” – Fitterer

The discography:

Space Music For Cave People EP (Chrome Mountain Records, 2014)

Prone To Destroy LP (Digital Media Records, 2010; Destroyed Records, 2009)

As The World Burns EP (Heavy Lies The Crown Music, 2007)




Twitter: @CrownedByFire

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