Earthless – Black Heaven

You know the world’s been twist-turned upside down when Fu Manchu is kicking out 18-minute jams and Earthless is singing—yes, actually singing—sub-10-minute numbers. That’s…

A fond farewell to Quest For Fire…

In my 7.5 years of living in Toronto, I’ve seen my share of local bands break up, but last night was the first time I saw one pack the Horseshoe Tavern for their farewell gig. The venue couldn’t have been more fitting, as it was there that my relationship with Quest For Fire began five years ago–and almost to the day, at that…

Shooting Guns – Born to Deal in Magic: 1952-1976

In the hands of a producer who specializes in this style of music (this band was born to work with Sanford Parker), these guys could be capable of a record that sounds even more massive. For now, though, we’re perfectly content listening to one hell of a fun debut, one of the very best Canadian metal/rock albums of 2011, singer or no singer. Besides, with grooves this contagious, who needs a singer, anyway?

Zoroaster – Matador

While this is a pretty decent record in its own right, I’m somewhat saddened that Zoroaster has moved away from its own unique take on
southern sludge towards a sound that can be filed next to Farflung, The Atlas Moth, and countless other bands.