Way to kill the buzz for your acoustic tour, Wino!

I first heard about Wino doing an August acoustic tour at least a couple months ago; twas announced well in advance.  Turns out this tour, which kicks off tonite in Seaside, CA, hits Cleveland on a Saturday nite, and even has a Buffalo date(!), albeit he won’t be crossing the border.  I haven’t been the biggest fan of his unplugged stuff, nor can I say I’m digging this recent trend of sludge/doom singers (Scott Kelly, Mike Scheidt et al) picking up acoustic guitars, but man, Wino is a legend, and I was definitely contemplating heading down to the States to see him–until recently, when a much more momentous occasion made me change my mind…


The legendary doom band with whom Wino rose to prominence in the mid-80’s are embarking on their first U.S. tour since 1993–and man, Weedeater and Sourvein are opening!?  That’s one helluva triple bill!  Alas, there are no Canadian dates on this one, either, but with five weeks worth of gigs, they’re probably playing somewhere near you (unless you live way up in Deadmonton).  As it turns out, they’re also hitting up Cleveland on a Saturday night.  Guess I just bought a new couch, cuz I’m Sofa King there!

Now, if I lived in a city where Wino and Conny Ochs were performing this month, I’d probably still go check that out, provided that there wasn’t anything heavier in town in that evening.  But man, who wants to go to Cleveland twice in two months, anyways? 😛



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