Way to kill the buzz for your acoustic tour, Wino!

I first heard about Wino doing an August acoustic tour at least a couple months ago; twas announced well in advance. Turns out this tour, which kicks off tonite in Seaside, CA, hits Cleveland on a Saturday nite, and even has a Buffalo date(!), albeit he won’t be crossing the border. I haven’t been the biggest fan of his unplugged stuff, nor can I say I’m digging this recent trend of sludge/doom singers (Scott Kelly, Mike Scheidt et al) picking up acoustic guitars, but man, Wino is a legend, and I was definitely contemplating heading down to the States to see him–until recently, when a much more momentous occasion made me change my mind…

Cleveland, Ohio–my home away from home

Don’t get me wrong, there are parts of Cleveland where I’d be dead if I set foot in. I’m told that the local nickname for East Cleveland is “Mad Max,” which says it all, really. But when you’re busing it into town with the sole purpose of seeing a metal gig, it’s the best place I can think of within a seven-hour drive.

Accept and King’s X–an odd couple, to be sure…

It takes a certain breed to travel roughly 600 miles, round trip, by Greyhound bus only to spend a total of 18 hours at the destination–a third of which was spent sleeping. But given the right motivation, I have done so on occasion and will do so again. Last nite, the occasion was the nearest stop on Accept’s North American reunion tour, in support of their new album, Blood of the Nations.

FACE VALUE: Rode Hard, Put Away Wet

Where the forward-thinking hardcore bands of the time embarked upon a course of combining ‘core with metal riffing and mosh tempos, Face Value spit-balling together punk/hardcore’s fury and speed with classic rock sensibilities, jacked up rhythms and guitar hero soloing.