Blasphemous Meals #2: Jailbreak Jambalaya and a Date With the Devil

Words and Photos by Ola Mazzuca

(See Part 1 of Blasphemous Meals here)

Last year, I received a wonderful gift from my parents – a cookbook that received rave reviews and coverage in various metal magazines, from a publishing company started by one of my favourite writers; Ian Christe’s Bazillion Points.

Annick Giroux is a multi-talented metal chick, dividing her time between graphic design, DJing and cooking the heaviest of metal meals.

Her book, Hellbent for Cooking, is a compilation of culinary classics of every culture from metal bands and artists around the world. It is a celebration of a simple yet exciting marriage between music and cuisine, where Giroux proves that the portrayal of metalheads being junkfood-lovers false.

I have decided to record my thoughts and experiences while cooking my way through Hellbent for Cooking, also providing my view on the bands that graciously donated their recipes.


Buon Appetito/Salute!

Hellbent Meal #4 : Black Rose Jambalaya

by Scott Gorham of Thin Lizzy

How peculiar that a member of Irish classic rock veterans Thin Lizzy favoured this Louisiana Creole dish inspired by Spanish and French cuisine. This comfort meal is simple and suitable for a cold Canadian Sunday after a weekend that was spent working the retail world. The chorizo sausage added a spicy twist to balance out with veggies consisting of peppers, tomatoes and onions, all blended with long-grain rice and a tablespoon of mandatory chili powder. Make sure to add a small piece of toasted panino bread.

Like most meals in Hellbent For Cooking, Black Rose Jambalaya tastes best when served next day, especially when you’re sitting tired and hungry in the Ryerson journalism lounge.

If there is indeed a jailbreak, make sure you head home and make this.

Hellbent Meal #5 : Shellfish Crossfire

By King ov Hell, ex-Gorgoroth, God Seed

Just like a good black metal record that’s primitive at best and blistering in tempo, this recipe follows the “simple, quick & healthy!” cliché. King’s noodle concoction follows two instructions: “Put everything together in a wok. Fry for 5 minutes and eat it”. I did just as Tom Cato Visnes told me to and the outcome was great.

I made this meal for my cousin, who shares my love for vast, ethnic cuisine. The mixture of green, yellow, red and orange peppers created splashes of colour amongst the shrimp and bland noodles, producing contrast to a recipe from a grim individual. Adding some Vietnamese chili paste, the shellfish crossfire was fiery like the arson work of angsty BMers and King’s comrades alike.

Hellbent Meal #6: Thermo Nuclear Date Squares

By Chany Pilote of Inepsy

Full of fibre, fruit and protein, they’re better than grabbing that Tim’s donut or red velvet cupcake. Chany’s recipe involved an unconventional approach to the Moroccan honey date reduction by adding pineapple, giving it a naturally sweetened taste. Because I didn’t have enough pineapple in the house for the full measurement, I added a couple of strawberries to the mix. Instead of using white flour, I added whole wheat. Spelt flour, a lighter substitute, is also a wise choice for baking.

Montreal thrashers Inepsy are fast and punchy, practicing old-school heavy metal vocals with rebellious riffs that reek San Fran Bay Area influence – a perfect pair of elements, similar to a date bar and bold coffee.

Keep checking for more metal cuisine.

Adam has been a photographer for Hellbound since day 1 and also has a hand in the technical aspects of running the site.