Toxic Holocaust/ Inepsy/ Holy Grail/ Kommando @ Annex Wreckroom, Toronto ON, August 21, 2011

“Predictably, Toxic Holocaust delivered on the challenge laid down by Inepsy. Their set was a riot — pure, dirty thrash glee. The band are touring to support new album Conjure and Command, an excellent full-length with no pretensions and profoundly catchy songs.”

Natalie Zed reviews the August 21st Toronto performance by TOXIC HOLOCAUST, INEPSY, HOLY GRAIL and KOMMANDO at the Annex Wreckroom. Live photos by Albert Mansour.

Blasphemous Meals #2: Jailbreak Jambalaya and a Date With the Devil

“Hellbent for Cooking is a compilation of culinary classics of every culture from metal bands and artists around the world… I have decided to record my thoughts and experiences while cooking my way through Hellbent for Cooking, also providing my view on the bands that graciously donated their recipes.”

Ola Mazzuca serves up some delicious meals straight from the Hellbent for Cooking in part 2 of “Blasphemous Meals”.