Eclectika – Dazzling Dawn

By Ola Mazzuca

Lost in a space-like vortex of sound, French black experimentalists Eclectika possess the ability to make a listener confused yet intrigued with their showcase of European lo-fi metal that swaps grand introductory tracks with raspy, fast-paced aggression at every turn.

There is something palatial with “The End”, establishing a strong base for Dazzling Dawn before proceeding to heavier things such as the title track or “Marble Altar”, which is highly reminiscent of Metallica’s “The Frayed Ends of Sanity” minus guttural vocals and inexpensive production.

Contrast appears on the album regularly, especially with the addition of the semi-operatic Alexandra Lemoine, providing French classical flavour that compliments the overall harshness of the tone Eclectika follows.

Many interludes between the metallic tracks on Dazzling Dawn add good theatrics yet act as a cheesy additive before the record takes a turn on a progressive route where “Les Demons Obsedants Du Regret”, roughly translating to “obsessing demons of regret”, is full of grace and beautiful guitar artistry with each note and acoustic element.

Straying away from being genre-specific, Eclectika tackle the many traits of what it means to be an experimental metal band, but is it too much of an attempt? Though obscure, the band is not out to lunch but certainly eclectic and only for the open-minded.

(Asylum Ruins)

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