Hellbound Handshake Clip Of The Week: DECEASED “The Silent Creature” Live at MDF 2010

Hello and welcome to the fourth installment of our running series of videos filmed by the fine folks over at Handshake Inc. This week’s features one of the greatest bands to ever emerge from the American death metal scene.


DECEASED is a band of true metal warriors. Led by the always entertaining King Fowley on vocals, the band has been around for twenty-five years now and are celebrating that anniversary in style thi summer. With a new line-up now worked in nicely, the quintet has been doing a whole whack of shows all over the USA and it seems to be unanimous, this new live line-up is the tightest version of DECEASED yet.

If you had the chance to see their set at this year’s Maryland Deathfest, you already know that their set was one of the highlights of the weekend. There are rumours that their smoking set may be released down the line as the band’s first official DVD release and, if it does, let me just say this now: KING, LET ME DO THE LINER NOTES FOR IT, WILL YA?

Here is a sneak peak of what may be part of said DVD. “The Silent Creature” is the lead off track to the band’s 1997 album Fearless Undead Machines, arguably the best album DECEASED has released to date. I was lucky enough to work with the band on this record, as it was released just after my tenure at Relapse Records was over, and one of the things I did get to do was write the pitch letter for this album. In it I said that this would go down as one of the finest albums of that year and I still believe that to be the case some thirteen years later.

Here is a three minute portion of the leadoff to one of 1997’s greatest metal albums for your viewing and listening pleasure. I hope you dig this as much as I do.

-Sean Palmerston

DECEASED – Silent Creature @ Maryland Deathfest 8 from Hellbound.ca on Vimeo.

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