ZOMBI – ZOMBI and Friends Volume 1

This album is possibly the Zombi album that will get the least amount of repeated plays of their entire recorded output but it is a really fun listen nonetheless. It’s a big step, at least to these ears, from what the band is best known for, but kudos to them for putting it out there.

1476 with Volur 2018

Völur to tour US with 1476

Just ICYMI: Toronto doom favourites Völur recently announced their first tour, including US dates, with Prophecy Productions labelmates 1476.  The trio has so far earned…

Iced Earth – Festivals of the Wicked

Now after watching this thing twice I’ll bet anyone who would argue that Matt Barlow is not the one and only true vocalist for this band. His performance on the Metal Camp festival show is flawless. Such emotion and passion in his delivery, it will have you punching your fist in the air. Highlights are “Declaration Day” and “Dracula”. He hits the highs effortlessly and really knows how to command the stage. The band sounds as tight as hell and really proves that they are the premier power metal band in North America bar none.

The Body’s in The Shop. Parts and Labour: $10

Tomorrow nite, Rhode Island sludge/doom duo The Body are playing, fresh from their appearance at Montreal’s Mountains of Might fest. The gig was supposed to be at The Garage (The Body’s in The Garage!) but being weary of Sunday nite noise complaints, they switched venues. Thing is, The Shop was already booked, so this one’s an early start. Doors at 5 pm, and the gig’s done by 9, unless you wanna stick around for whoever’s scheduled to go on afterwards…

Invasion – Orchestrated Kill Maneuver

I’m not familiar with Invasion but I want to be! This album is pulverizing right out of the gate. Sonically, it’s intense and to a degree, even a little painful! Intercut with news reports from WWII, Orchestrated Kill Maneuver is brutal and unrelenting.

Dawnbringer – Nucleus

I feel this band always had this kind of album in them and now have fully realized their potential in Nucleus: a glorious heavy metal album that should put a shit-eating grin on every metal head’s face.

Zoroaster – Matador

While this is a pretty decent record in its own right, I’m somewhat saddened that Zoroaster has moved away from its own unique take on
southern sludge towards a sound that can be filed next to Farflung, The Atlas Moth, and countless other bands.