So, I’m taking over The Great Northern Trendkill for the next six weeks…

While Smokin’ Green is my pride and joy, I occasionally co-host another metal programme called The Great Northern Trendkill on Indie Love Radio.  The format is all-CanCon underground heavy rock/metal, and it airs on Sunday afternoons from 3 till 5 on the interweb.

Since Saskatchewan Steve is gonna be in Chicago for the next six Sundays (provided he doesn’t get denied at the border), I will have full control over the webwaves for a little while.  You can expect to hear a lot of the local bands I play on CKLN, but also some Canadian death, thrash and punk that doesn’t fit the format of my show.  If you’re the kinda dorkstick who spends sunny Sunday afternoons surfing the interweb, feel free to tune in.

Truth be told, I’ll hafta drag myself outta bed for tomorrow’s show after pulling a six-hour, overnite shift at the station.  Miss Barbrafisch is outta town, so I’ll be taking over her timeslot and spinning from 1 till 7, although the last hour is spoken word (featuring some standup comedy–not performed by yours truly).

Tomorrow, I’ll be digging out some thrash stuff from Anvil, Razor, Voivod and Rammer, while tonite, I shall spin some tunes by High on Fire.  I might need to play some up-tempo stuff to stop myself from falling asleep–or I might avoid the uptempo and play some Sleep.

One thing’s for certain, my ears will be no worse for wear as Jucifer, one of the loudest bands in existence, plays the tight confines of the Bovine Sex Club tonite, with support from Horde of Worms and Fatality.  Doors @ 9 pm, $7, 19+.



Party all nite with Smokin’ Green from 1 till 7 am this morning at 88.1 fm on yer radio, channel 947 on yer TV or on yer computer!

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