Accept: Third time’s slightly less charming…

I hate to self-plagiarize, but this line is good enough for me to recycle: “This was my third time seeing Accept in the last three years, something which, had you told me I’d be saying come 2012 back when I was, well, 12, I’d probably have assumed they’d just invented time travel by then or something.”

Sabaton – Primo Victoria / Attero Dominatus / Metalizer / The Art of War [ReArmed Editions]

“Sabaton blend traditional metal with power metal and a bit of military pomp to create some truly catchy work. Naysayers will repeatedly bring up the fact that they are not Bolt Thrower so they shouldn’t try to do ‘military metal’ (something that the band started dabbling with on Primo Victoria, which quickly became their forte) however that’s a lot like telling As I Lay Dying that they shouldn’t do Christian Metal because they aren’t Stryper. I actually came to the Sabaton party a little late, I was introduced to the band with The Art of War (their 2008 release with Black Lodge) so these ‘Rearmed’ editions from Nuclear Blast (the bands new home) were a huge treat for me.”

Jason Wellwood reviews the new ReArmed Edition reissues of the first four SABATON albums on Nuclear Blast USA.

U.D.O. – Rev-Raptor

While it’s not the coinciding North American tour that was threatened around the time Accept announced its reformation without their former singer, Udo Dirkschneider’s latest “solo” effort hits shelves exactly one month after his former band graced the Mod Club stage in T.O.. To say I’m a little underwhelmed would be an understatement.

ACCEPT: In Conversation With Wolf Hoffmann

“Well, it is really one of those funny stories in life which started as a big coincidence. The short version is that, about a year and a half ago we met Mark Tornillo and loved the way he sang. It wasn’t planned out at all. We were not auditioning for a singer or anything. We just happened to meet during a jam session. Peter (Baltes) and I were spending a day just jamming some old riffs. Somebody suggested we call Mark and have him sing along with some old songs. We realized he has a killer voice which was suited perfectly to our old material. The idea to reform was born in that moment. Within about a minute and I half Peter and I just looked at each other and we knew we had to do something.”

Allan Grusie in conversation with ACCEPT guitarist and founding member Wolf Hoffmann about their reformation and the excellent Blood Of The Nations comeback album.

Accept: Just as good the second time around (if not better)!

When I went down to Cleveland last October to see Accept, I did so on the assumption that it would be my only chance to catch the reunited lineup in action. After all, they were never as big in North America as they were across the pond, so I didn’t think that a more extensive N.A. tour was in order. I’m glad I was wrong. While I had a good idea what to expect going into Wednesday’s gig at the Mod Club, I’m happy to say the Teutonic Terror exceeded expectations.