There’s a whole whack of mid-week madness coming up on my calendar…

If Thursday is the new Friday, does that make Wednesday the new Thursday?  Well, I hope so, cuz I’ve got a coupla Wild Wednesdays coming up next month.  The summer concert season goes out with a bang for yours truly, but man, couldn’t they have put one of these gigs on a weekend?  Looks like my productivity will be at an all-time low after a few evenings out on the town–mind you, half the time I’ll barely be leaving my backyard.  Here’s what I’ve got coming up on my calendar:

Wednesday, August 29th: Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine @ Lee’s Palace, 10:30 pm.  Okay, I’ll admit that I haven’t heard anything from his new band, but Jello’s one of my all-time favourite punk singers, and I couldn’t pass up the chance to see him play in my part of town.  (Seems to me there was another gig the same nite he came here last year–Acid Mothers Temple, perhaps?)  Here’s hoping they play a lotta Dead Kennedys covers…

Thursday, September 6th: Led Zeppelin II @ Lee’s Palace, 9 pm.  Speaking of covers–this Chicago-based Led Zep tribute act has been dubbed the next best thing to seeing the real thing.  Fronted by Bruce Lamont of Yakuza fame, they don’t simply play the hits.  Instead, they lay out setlists the way Page, Plant and co did back in the day, even recreating classic concerts from the Zeps.  Truth be told, I’ve never seen these guys before (I believe it’s their first time in TO), but I’m certainly intrigued by this.  Plus, hey, it’s only like a 10-dollar ticket, so that’s cool.

Wednesday, September 12th: Teutonic Terror Tour feat. Kreator, Accept et al @ The Phoenix, 7 pm.  I’m not knocking Kreator, but I just might leave after Accept.  The German metal masters have released another solid post-millennial album in Stalingrad, and having seen ’em twice already, I can tell ya that if you close your eyes, you won’t believe it’s not Udo up there.  Definitely looking forward to this one.



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