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Black Sabbath – 13

Hellbound Metal: “It sounds awful, but 13 is not a bad album – it’s simply not the Black Sabbath album that a lot of fans will accept as a rousing return.”

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Soooo, where do I buy my Black Sabbath tickets next weekend?

Black Sabbath has yet to announce any North American tour dates, but when Universal Music Canada unwittingly leaked that they’d be playing Toronto, oh, about a month ago, we were alerted to the fact that they’re supposed to be coming to town August 14th. What Universal doesn’t say is when tickets go on sale, although I’ve heard rumours about April 13th either being a pre-sale or official on-sale date…

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Happy 40th birthday to… Black Sabbath’s Volume 4

Today marks the 40th anniversary of the official release of what I consider to be one of the greatest albums ever made, Black Sabbath’s fourth studio album Volume 4. While many consider the two albums previous (Paranoid and Master of Reality) to be the band’s high point, the progressiveness of Volume 4 made it my Sabbath album.

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Classic Albums Revisited: Black Sabbath’s Born Again

“With the recent UK deluxe reissues of the mid-eighties Black Sabbath albums Seventh Star and The Eternal Idol creating quite a buzz about those releases once again I thought it might be time to revisit my favourite under-heralded Sabs relic. Born Again, the band’s 1983 release and only one to feature noted vocalist Ian Gillan, is one of the most dividing releases ever to bore the Black Sabbath moniker. it is one of those records that you either love or loathe. There is no middle ground needed, and none provided.”

Album review by Sean Palmerston

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Black Sabbath – Classic Albums: Paranoid

That lack of needless hyperbole is exactly what makes Classic Albums – Paranoid so easy and interesting to watch. Here, viewers learn that Paranoid – the largest keystone recording in metal – was recorded recorded in two days, cut live off the floor with a minimal number of overdubs and mixed in an additional two. It was a matter of in, down and done, and then Black Sabbath left it to be mixed and released while they went to play in Europe.

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