Manowar – Black Wind, Fire & Steel: The Atlantic Albums (1987-1992)


One of the great cult metal bands of the 1980s, Manowar had four excellent albums under their belts before signing to Atlantic.

This was the Manowar’s highest profile-era. Their Atlantic debut Fighting The World is one the greatest heavy metal albums, even featuring the great Orson Welles on Defender. One of the things that stands out most here, after all these years later, is the great song-writing and musicianship on display. It even comes with a Ken Kelly cover, who did the classic Rising cover from Rainbow.

Kings Of Metal (1988) continues in the same vein, and again is one of the greatest metal albums.

By the time of The Triumph Of Steel in 1992, the musical world had changed beyond recognition. Grunge, indie and alternative ruled the roost, and in a strange way, Manowar were a complete alternative to this. Holding their heads high, they released an epic metal album with strong progressive influences on the track Achilles, Agony And Ecstasy In Eight Parts, which really does deliver what the title says. Time has been kind to this album, seeing it in context, as a brave and moving album.

A great collection for a great unashamedly (rightly so) metal band!

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Steve Earles

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8.0 Rating