Death Angel – The Enigma Years (1987-1990)


Death Angel were one of the very best metal bands to come out of the 80’s (and that is no mean feat in the decade that gave us amazing music from bands like Sabbat, Metallica, Bathory, Slayer, Venom, Voivod, Soundgarden, Iron Maiden, and so many more). It was a magic time, different from this impersonal post-internet void we now “live” in. We will never see it’s like again.

So good were (and indeed, happily, still are) Death Angel. They could have been as big as Metallica. They had the musicianship, the attitude, the songs, and the X-Factor (compare Cliff Burton era Metallica with now Metallica, the magic is hard to replicate). All Death Angel lacked was luck, and hey, it’s a big factor for all of us.

The first CD is their debut, The Ultra-Violence, an absolutely outstanding thrash metal album. As a wonderful extra, included here is the excellent Kill As One demo produced by a certain Kirk Hammett (well produced too, I believe he did a Blind Illusion demo around this time. Now there is a band who also deserve the Cherry Red Records treatment. There’s an idea!)

The second CD contains Death Angel’s second album, the amusingly titled Frolic Through The Park. I cannot emphasise the huge progression the band made here while still maintaining their own unique identity. Killer thrash like 3rd Floor and Road Mutants rub shoulders with more left-field tracks like Bored and Confused. All metal fans should have this splendid album. Again, some worthy bonus tracks included.

The third CD is the live Fall From Grace. Although not sanctioned by the band at the time, it now serves to show what a potent live band they were (and are). The set-list is composed of the first two albums, so no filler, only killer!

The fourth CD is entitled Rarities and is a musical treasure trove, I love it!

This is a beautifully put together collection, and I urge all true lovers of metal to add it to their collections.

Cherry Red Records

Steve Earles

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10.0 Rating