Bryant & May: The Lonely Hour

By Christopher Fowler

Published by Doubleday

A new book by the great Christopher Fowler is always a special occasion. Christopher is a great English storyteller in the vein of such greats as Charles Dickens, R.L Stevenson, and M.R James, and as such should be treated as a national treasure.

In ‘The Lonely Hour’, detective Bryant and May (whom I always see in my mind as being based on Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee) of the Peculiar Crimes Unit investigate a series of murders connected only by the fact that each murder took place at exactly four a.m. – the lonely hour. Working at night, Bryant and May call upon all their resources and connections to solve the crimes.

I won’t spoil an excellent story for the readers save to say this fine book is up to Christopher’s usual high standards. I also have to say that the third character after our heroes, Bryant and May, is London herself. Christopher knows London past and present intimately and few writers have ever written about the city as well.

Simply wonderful.—may—the-lonely-hour/9780857525680.html

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