Pale Mare – self-titled EP


This local sludge/noise trio has already opened for the likes of Weedeater and Windhand—and they don’t even have an album out. Apparently, they’re working on their first full-length effort, but in the meantime, this three-song EP from Pale Mare will have to tide us over.

“Carthage” kicks things off with a rumble, picking up the tempo to a High-On-Fire thrashy sludge ‘n roll, with a gruff vocal somewhat akin to Matt Pike. They slow things down considerably with a series of heavy breakdowns around the 2:15 mark, dropping down to a softer series of ringing guitar notes and cymbal crashes about a minute later. From there, it builds up gradually until it goes back on the mid-paced thrash attack for the final minute or so.

“Descolada” also begins with a Des Kenzel style backbeat, although the riffs are a little more downtuned and downtrodden, the tempo slightly slower. It’s still mostly more than mid-paced, with a couple changes thrown in, and an evil-ass bass solo that lasts about 10 seconds. Once again, though, this song would not sound outta place at a High on Fire show… in case someone’s looking for a local opening act. ????

“Hoplite” starts off a little more sparsely, with a ringing, longing, distortion-heavy riff introducing the proceedings. The main verse riff even has a bit of a Kyuss feel, although that’s definitely NOT John Garcia on gang vocals. Still, it’s nice to hear ‘em switch it up a bit. Will interesting to see what direction they take with the full-length.

[Album artwork by: @askepticalmillennial]

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