AMATEUR CONCERT PHOTOGRAPHY HOUR: Pallbearer/Tribulation @ Lee’s Palace, September 15, 2018

Tribulation is a Swedish dark metal quartet with four albums under its belt…but I hadn’t heard of them until very recently. I guess it shows how allergic to corpse paint I am. Frankly, I was surprised to see them get a co-headlining set with Pallbearer–but to their credit, Lee’s Palace was just as full for their 9 pm co-headlining set as it was nearly two hours later.

Their 2015 album Children of the Night was described on this site as “the Addams Family jamming on Dissection outtakes” but I would liken their set more to Tiamat, from back when Tiamat was still heavy. I could definitely dig at least some of it. But with all the green light and corpse paint, it wasn’t the most photogenic performance…

Having been touring their most recent album, Heartless, for nearly a year and a half, Pallbearer dug back into their discography this time for chestnuts like “Foreinger” and “The Legend” as well as a decent chunk of its predecessor, Foundations of Burden. So if you weren’t much of a fan of the direction they took on their last one, this set was for you.

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