AMATEUR CONCERT PHOTOGRAPHY HOUR: BLACK TUSK/Whores/WhiteNails @ Lee’s Palace, August 20, 2018

It always kinda sucks when a show falls on a Monday, but that was about the only shitty thing about this show last night. Black Tusk and Whores brought the energy up from Georgia to put a heavy end to the start of the week–with a solid supporting act straight outta Quebec!

Quebec City’s WhiteNails is just your average, stoner-rock sextet…wait, what? These heavy rockers added keyboards, tambourines and shakers to accentuate the tuneage off their solid debut album, First Trip. Vive le Quebec lourd!

So, the last time Whores was in Toronto, opening for Cult of Luna, their singer suffered a spectacular wipeout on stage. Turns out the dude needed three surgeries to fix his busted leg–after they finished the tour. Because of course they did. These guys brought the energy up to another level, and the slightly expanding crowd followed suit. Calling ’em the second coming of the Melvins would be pretty high praise…but I’m just gonna leave that here.

Officially, Black Tusk is still a three-piece–at least, there were three dudes in the promo pictures that came with their latest album. But they add a second guitar to their live mix, bringing their three-pronged vocal attack to four in the process. These guys also really bring it on stage, cramming at least a dozen tracks into just over 40 minutes. It definitely didn’t feel that short!

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