La Chinga – Beyond the Sky


The third album from this heavy rockin’ trio proves that rock ‘n roll hasn’t been priced out of Vancouver… yet. Their second effort for Small Stone Records is heading straight outta the 70’s, with 11 tracks clocking in at an even 45 minutes.

“Nothing That I Can’t Do” starts off with a heavy boogie-rock riff and an emphatic “Woo!” ahead of a bluesy stop-start riff. I would put the main riff on this number up there with anything on Small Stone’s legendary Sucking the 70’s comp—it’s a highly catchy throwback track. “Wings of Fire” continues the fuzz-rockin’ grooves, coming off as a cross between Lynyrd Skynyrd and April Wine, with another catchy, radio-friendly chorus. “Mama Boogie” channels Ted Nugent—machine gun sold separately—while “Black River” has shades of Mountain’s “Mississippi Queen.”

The title track might the most reminiscent of Led Zeppelin of any number on this album… which isn’t a bad thing when it’s done well. No “Stairway to Heaven” solo here, though. Side B gets a little more mellow with numbers like “Keep On Rollin’” and ”Feel it in My Bones” – but it’s not all lighters and bong smoke. “Killer Wizard” is an in-your-face rocker complete with vintage Vince Neil/Axl Rose wail, while “Death Rider” cranks a mellow Fu Manchu verse up into an AC/DC chorus. “H.O.W. (Are You Ready)” is more Sunset Strip sleaze, before “Warlords” ends things on a British Steel-era Judas Priest note.

Suffice to say, all the aforementioned bands would make for a pretty killer playlist. La Chinga makes it so you don’t even hafta fire up your iPod…

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8.5 Rating