Resonant Realms

Landscapes Inspired by Heavy Metal Music

A Small Series by Rachel Kahn

It’s always exciting to get goodies in the mail and this week my most inspiring delivery came from Portable City Illustration and Comics, the online store of independent creator Rachel Kahn. I’m a huge fan of Rachel’s By Crom! comics and her artwork – she’s also a great teacher and public speaker, by the way! – and it’s very cool to be able to expand my knowledge of her creations.

Resonant Realms translates the music of metal bands like Animals as Leaders, Orphaned Land and Blind Guardian into visual imagery. Short textual explanations take you inside the mind of the artist, and imagined listener Lomi (a teenaged metalhead) offers a conduit into each immersive scene.

None of the images is exactly what I see in my mind when I listen to these bands but they all still feel right (especially the Clutch one!), often drawing my attention to details or nuances I hadn’t focused on before.

If you’re interested in snagging yourself a copy of this limited edition risograph zine, you can find it at (where it’s currently on sale):

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