Ninjaspy – Spüken

Always a pleasure to review a band with an original sound and, really, they don’t come much more original than the memorably named Ninjaspy! Spüken is a real smorgasbord of influences, but the band also achieves the grand feat of being extremely coherent. Sure Ninjaspy will appeal to fans of System of a Down, Goijira, The Dillinger Escape Plan and more, but in terms of sheer music adventure, they resemble Faith No More circa ‘Angel Dust’, and that reggae element is the bomb! Part of this is down to the chemistry and skill of the three Parent brothers that make up Ninjaspy, anhd part of it is down to excellent production by Garth Richardson (note to all bands, if you can get a decent producer, do! It makes all the difference. We all need that valuable outside perspective). There are no weak tracks; personal highlights are ‘Grip The Cage’, ‘Azaria’ and the splendidly titled ‘Dead Duck Dock’. Overall, a band that shines out as individual, and in our overtly uniform world that can only be a good thing!

On tour:
June 24 – Vancouver, BC – Rickshaw Theatre
July 15 – Armstrong, BC – Armstrong Metal Fest w/ Revocation, Aggression and more

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