Tau Cross – Tau Cross

Tau Cross features Rob Miller from Amebix and Away from Voivod and draws great strength from both bands.

Amebix and Voivod are two of my favourite bans of all time. Moreover, they are two of most influential bands in the history of metal. And bear in mind that both bands expanded and moved beyond the rigid boundaries of metal, both very much creating their own distinct sound.

There are some folk influences which give the album a timeless authentic sincerity. The song-writing is first class, and it is utterly compelling.

Quite simply I can’t recommend it enough to anyone who likes music for all the right reasons.

(Relapse Records)

Steve Earles is author and co-author of numerous projects, including To End All Wars: The WWI Graphic Anthology, available summer 2014 (http://toendallwarscomic.wordpress.com/writers/).