Blasphemy Blog: True Norwegian Black Jeans

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By Ola Mazzuca

Music has been incorporated into fashion since, well, forever.

The band t-shirt is a common article of clothing and music edition sneakers are a great way to support your favourite artist in style.

I’ve lost count of every time someone has questioned the indecipherable logo sprawled across my shirt: “Ola, what the hell does that say?” I simply reply “Oh this? Well, it’s Emperor”.

Can black metal be trendy without trying to be? Does this cause issues for fans that believe the scene is going under, or it is intriguing for a hipster movement to delve into?

As a chick that loves metal wholeheartedly , I also love fashion and I cannot help but fall in love with Oslo design team Anti Sweden.

The company has roots in graphic design with a knack for style and most importantly, their love for black metal – Norway’s finest export.

Their latest venture involves the diabolical creation of “True Black Jeans”. Made for both men and women, the jeans are cigarette style, pure black, and include the detail of a yellow button closure. Inside, you will find pocket liners that feature raw and abstract illustrations.

Justin Bartlett is the mastermind behind the art. His most notable artwork graces the covers of Aura Noir’s Hades Rise and Intronaut’s Void amongst many.

His work with black ink is very detailed and evokes much of the darkness derived from black metal music. Too bad pocket liners remain hidden.

Some may disagree with this controversial yet style savvy concept, but the company’s philosophy is something to trust in.

Innovation is the main thread that compels me. I have always had a great admiration and interest for visual and graphic art – especially when music is the main focus.

For AS, the term ‘seasonal collection’ doesn’t exist. Anti Sweden’s belief in keeping the denim collection exclusive is so strong that they strive to limit each edition to 666 pieces.

With art, fashion and music all combined into one, I would do anything to get into a pair of these jeans.

Learn more about Anti Sweden’s products and grim ideas at:


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