Valkyrie – Shadows


Well, kudos for the name for a start! Opening with ‘Mountain Stomp’,  Valkyrie nail their colours to the mast. This fine tune is somewhat reminiscent of Thin Lizzy’ circa ‘Emerald’. ‘Golden Age’ could well refer to the period of time they take musical influence from – here we find them drawing on the spirit of Budgie. ‘Temple’ shows a band well able to let a song live and breathe – no galloping to the finish line here. Everything is just right. ‘Shadow of Reality’ has a solid almost doom metal groove to it, and that’s a seriously good riff. It just puts you in a good mood, fuzz box fury! ‘Wintery Plains’ has a classic Black Sabbath vibe. ‘Carry On’ is again very uplifting. Overall a fine sincere well-played album, with great songs, drawing influence from the aforementioned bands but in their own unique way!

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(Relapse Records)

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8.0 Rating